Long term strategies

Our team of experts is skilled and knowledgeable in consumer behaviour and marketing process including having the ability to identify the companies target market and position their product or service offering in a way that will interest cinsumers and make them want to buy.


Short-term activation

Advertising a product or brand in order to generate sales or higher awareness Digital marketing, web & graphics design, content marketing, media buying, seo & web services, blt activations


On spot marketing

Through years of experience we expertised in the fields of video & audio production, event organisation, production of various POS materials, unique gifts and prize materials or any other type of traditional promotional materials like flyers, brochures, shelves etc.

Our clients

Proffessional assistance in the field of public relation

Serbian chamber of commerce

  • Creating and developing web page for the Youth Business Forum.
  • Consulting services

Bedem prevoz Pančevo

  • Digital marketing services
  • Consulting services
  • Event organisation
  • Video & audio production

PhD Nutrition

  • Consulting Services
  • Digital Marketing Services

Dr Gifing

  • Communication strategy
  • Digital marketing services
  • Web page development
  • Design solutions
  • Promo material production

Vinarija Budimir

  • Digital Marketing Services
  • BTL activations
  • Design solutions

About us

Odds are there to beat!

Ten years ago, while preparing our first event, we learned maybe the most important lesson in business - There is no problem that cannot be solved. It's still the ground foundation of our business mindset. Today, Real Choice team counts for more than dozen people in the office and on the field. We gained experience working with the global market leaders such as Reckitt Benckiser, Lukoil, Philips, Carlsberg, Total S.A., Epson, Nvidia and many others. Experience and knowledge gained through years of collaboration with global players we implement in all fields of marketing and business development of our clients. As a full service agency we are capable to support various types of campaigns, from digital & pr campaigns to events and field promotions.

Our process

  • Initial meeting

    At the first meeting, the person in charge of cooperating with clients, passes through the client’s wishes in detail, and carefully draws a sketch of the necessary work. The initial meeting usually lasts half an hour to an hour, and it is desirable to include as much details as possible to help the creative team in the process.

  • Creative process

    In the creative process, the agency team passes through the needs gathered at the initial meeting, and suggests ideas for possible solutions and how much time is required. The offer is created, with the price formed, the solution proposals and the timeframe.

  • Second meeting- First offer

    At the second meeting, offers and potential solutions are offered. The client confirms or exchanges the agreement according to his wishes, and confirms the offer and the budget.

  • Finalising the deal

  • Make
    Real Choice!

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